Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1

Do I really need a marketing agency? There are many reasons why you need a professional marketing strategist. To start, marketing is a profession, and unless you're trained in all aspects of marketing, you can hurt your business by wasting money, sending the wrong message, or marketing to the wrong audience. You need a banker, an accountant, an attorney, a bookkeeper, and other business professionals to help run your business, but none of these professions will bring clients to your doorstep the way a marketing agency will.

Customer Question #2

My sister (uncle, brother, cousin, nephew, etc.) knows how to put up a website. Why do I need a professional marketing company to do it? A professionally designed website requires more than knowing how to add photos and text to a website. Text, images, and design must work together to be clear, concise, and compelling communication. Your site's homepage must have impact, otherwise your prospective client is going to hit that back button and surf onto a competitor who used a professional agency to design their site. Before asking your relative to design your site, ask them if they know the six most important elements that need to be on a homepage? Seven if you're a service provider. If they can't answer that question, don't let them near your site.

Customer Question #3

Why do I need to hire a professional copywriter? A $5000 website may look pretty, it may have all the bells and whistles, but it's useless unless the language hits home to a prospective client. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I say the right words are worth a thousand clients! At Storyteller Marketing, concept, copywriting and design are done in-house. From business cards to logos, to brochures and websites, our concepts and designs will strengthen your brand and help you grow your business.