Lisa Prince



“I hired Gerard Bianco from Storyteller Marketing to redesign my website to attract remote coaching clients. I am a nutrition specialist and I work with clients across the United States. Gerard came up with clear, concise content that promotes my remote coaching and new clear images to accompany the site. My site now has an impact on the web, and within 24 hours of the site going live, I received a remote coaching client!

“Gerard is a pleasure to work with and he took the necessary time to really listen to what my business does and the message I want potential clients to hear. Gerard is a talented writer and he articulated precisely how I can help potential clients and why they should hire me. He also created a new tagline for me that captures exactly what I do. Gerard completed my website redesign in a very timely fashion and even communicated with me on the weekend about changes to the site. Gerard always responded to my questions and promptly returned my calls. I was trained as a nutrition specialist, not a marketing specialist, so it’s a real blessing to have a true professional guiding me. If you need a new website, a new logo, or help with social media marketing do not hesitate to contact Storyteller Marketing. You will be glad you did!” __Lisa Prince Nutrition and Weight-Loss Specialist


Michael Mercer

 “I want to thank Gerard Bianco for the amazing work he has provided me and my company. A few months ago, I met with Gerard and told him I needed to do something, but I was not sure what it was. He took the time to get to know me and what my company really was. He told me a rebranding is what I needed. He said if I trusted him, he would make suggestions that would change the entire look of what was the “Not On Our Watch.” After about a two-hour meeting/interview, he took about a week and scheduled another meeting to go over the changes he made. He said being concise and precise was the key to my company. He said the new name of my business should be Michael Mercer Consulting. Since I consult, this made total sense. So, for the next 4 months or so, we went from a very ambiguous company with an unprofessional website to a very clear and effortless website. My company, Michael Mercer Consulting, has had its busiest 4 months since the new look, and a look that will take Crime Prevention with Michael Mercer Consulting into the future. Thank you, Gerard. You are a pro and a genuine person.” __Michael Mercer, Michael Mercer Consulting